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〜あなたの好きな曲を神曲と呼ぶ。だから、リクエストアワーは神曲祭り。〜 メンバーカウントダウンメッセージ3

I think Jurina looks very cute with this hairstyle and with glasses, to the point I’d like for her to keep them even when her eyes get better lol
I feel like this look fits so much her already high girliness, which is increasing more and more lately. (though it collides with the image a whole lot of fans have of her and that they apparently can’t put away)

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Omimi ga pyon pyon, genki na banbi. Tomochin koto Itano Tomomi desu.

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[On the way to the best ever leader: Michishige Sayumi] “The record for the longest enrollment in the group doesn’t have any merit. However, I can just say this: I know more about Morning Musume than anyone else in the world. That’s why I’ll teach my kohai everything there is to teach them. I want to show them splendid sights.” [Bring it together, Michishige!] “It was my first tour without senpai or 6th gen. Honestly, I was worried, thinking ‘will it be okay…,’ but it was fine! Why do you think that was?”

No one can replace you. In order to become the next golden age, we will give it our all. run faster than anyone else. In 2014, from Morning Musume to Morning Musume ‘14. Well then, shall we go. This year is. This year is. It’s the year of the battle.